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Why sophrology? This video explains how the regular practice of sophrology helps to keep a positive mind. There are always setbacks in life. To deal with these troubles, it is best to have a clear mind. When we approach a problem calmly, it can feel like we are losing some of its magnitudes...

Accueil: À propos de moi

Asty Barbarin, Sophrologist specialised in teenagers, stress, sleep, tinnitus, maternity and pain in Meylan, Saint-Martin-d'Hères, Grenoble and its surroundings

Individual, couple, family or group consultation. Sessions in  English  are also available.

How can I help you?

Thanks to a deeper knowledge on the subjects, I use techniques adapted specifically to problems and situations, such as pain management, pregnancies and motherhood , tinnitus, hyperacusis and vertigo , sleep disorders, stress  and negative emotions as well as good techniques for working with young children and adolescents , on the  concentration and the  preparation for exams.

Come see me with your problems and I will accompany you to a solution. One thing is for sure, if you are looking for improvement, you have to take the first step towards it. My practices are located in Meylan and Saint-Martin-d'Heres .

I can also come to your home in Grésivaudan, Grenoble and in the Grenoble area if necessary.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Asty Barbarin

Specialist sophrologist 

Comment vous aider

Sophrology interests you?


With regular practice and over time, sophrology brings many benefits to its users.

It makes it possible to mobilize and reinforce capacities which one has but which the hazards of the daily life, the fears or the lack of self-confidence covered.

Sophrologie et ses bienfaits
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