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How can Sophrology help teenagers?

Teenage period is a passage from childhood to adulthood.

It is a stage of our life where everything changes: our body, our desires; our emotions are multiplied tenfold and are like a roller coaster. It's a fabulous but paradoxical moment and in a world turned towards images, social networks and the norms, it is can also be a difficult stage. 

Sophrology can help you to manage your emotions, your self-confidence, the stress of exams...

Des adolescents épanouis et confiants

Why does sophrology help adolescents?

Adolescence is an incredible stage because the body is in full mutation, it is the time of strong friendships, of the first romantic emotions but it is a period of stress with the first important examinations and the pressure of the future.

The preponderance of screens, social media increases the pressure on self-image, the need to be on top, popular, for some all this can generate stress, a lack of self-confidence, even a withdrawal into oneself. same.

Caycedian relaxation therapy sessions allow adolescents to refocus on their feelings, their positive capacities. Over the course of the sessions, everyone finds peace, well-being, optimism, self-confidence, energy.

When we are sure of ourselves, we shine, negativity fades, we see more clearly, the future becomes serene again.

How does sophrology help adolescents?


Sophrology will provide you with the keys to reopen the doors to your inner capacities.

I use the various techniques of sophrology such as breathing, relaxation, visualization, gentle movements.

The mind refocuses on itself, more present, you can thus go in search of all your capacities put aside or unexploited.

Emotions are balanced, fears recede to look to the future with confidence and energy, you become aware of your potential for success and fulfillment.

The sessions are individual or collective according to your needs, your desires.

Sensations and perceptions are important for moving forward. The exercises can be reused before an exam.

Each of us, whatever our age, has positive capacities for confidence, happiness, stress management . You just have to discover or rediscover them and use them thanks to sophrology.

Overcome stress and negative emotions by releasing your positive emotions, regain confidence and enjoy a radiant adolescence with a few relaxation therapy sessions.

My intervention in a high school:


By using the sophrology method, I let young people discover their own values and those of others, while gently guiding them towards their goals.

Here are some objectives of the sophrology sessions that I offered to high school students:

  • allow them to get to know their body and mind better

  • learn to identify and manage their stress

  • better sleep

  • develop their concentration and attention

  • dare to imagine their future in a positive way

  • better self-confidence

More information about my intervention at Lycée Pierre Termier, Grenoble:



Temoignages Ados

What do the students say in the workshop?


David, 16 years old

A very good workshop which helped me a lot personally and which relaxed me enormously from the school atmosphere that we are subjected to all day long.

Johann, 17 years old

Sophrology helped me a lot in my concentration, my sleep, my self-confidence, and my stress management. The workshop was pleasant, good atmosphere and very useful. I'm thinking of doing sophrology again next year.

Théo, 16 years old

I really enjoyed the sophrology sessions because it was one of the few quiet moments in my week. I also realised that sophrology had helped me a lot, with my sleep, my classes, my exams and my usual stress.

Marie-Lou, 16 years old

I used to have a lot of problems sleeping. Now, before going to bed, I try to do the exercises and I fall asleep much easier.

Je réserve une séance de sophrologie pour ado ou étudiant
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