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The best technique for coronavirus-related stress during coronavirus

Many people think and care about their future and the disappointments of the past. During this period of pandemic, anxieties are doubled, not only compared to the usual anxieties, but also by the fear of the unknown virus, of being infected and sick. Concerns relate to financial situation, obtaining a job or for students, exams, workload and obtaining internships. Containment and social distancing worsen the situation.

Once our mind begins to focus on these fears and uncertainties, our thoughts start racing and imagining more scenarios, causing additional and unnecessary stress. One of the best techniques for overcoming anxiety-related stress during this coronavirus time is to focus on the present.

Understanding that the things we are doing right now are our present, we decide and execute it now. Once it's done, it becomes the past, we can't undo it anymore. The things to do in the next minute are the future, we can only do something about them when the time is right. The past or the future in our mind affects our present state and affects our immediate action, positively or negatively. Worrying affects us negatively and in turn affects everything we do. The more we worry, the more worry takes place in our mind and it can overtake us.

Sophrology helps us to pay attention to the positive dimension of our body, our mind and our emotions, which allows this beneficial side of our psychic to occupy our mind more. After each session, we usually instantly feel calmer, more peaceful, and more positive. It helps us to face what presents itself to us in a more balanced way.

Be kind to ourselves and give us sweet moments to allow us to find calm for our well-being. We are constantly living in the past or planning for the future, but it only takes about 15 minutes a day to positively enjoy the present. If you can't find 15 minutes in a day, 15 wellness minutes a week is better than zero.

Sophrology sessions are a bit like simmering water by lowering the temperature from time to time to prevent it from overflowing.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The practice of sophrology is a method of prevention for mental health. If you want more information, contact me .

Covid et sante mentale au quotidien
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