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The benefits of sophrology

The objectives and benefits of sophrology training are multiple. It can help to live in the well-being on a daily basis, to find an emotional balance, to contribute to reduce the psychosomatic manifestations, to help to free oneself from an addiction or to get out of a depression.

Les Bienfaits: Thérapies

Manage stress and emotion

Stress an emotional state which adapts the individual to an aggressive or violent element. It has consequences on the body such as sleep problems, fatigue or even susceptibility.


The practice of sophrology will help to recognize the state of stress, physical and mental. The person will learn to relax and develop positive emotions. Sophrological action includes organic systems (vegetative, limbic brain, neocortex) which regulate brain functions related to stress.

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Gestion stress emotion
La sophrologie avec sophroasty pour gérer l'anxiete et le stress

Build self-confidence

Self-confidence improves the efficiency of the person. Sophrology is a method of personal development which is based on positive visions of life.

Renforcer la confiance en soi
La sophrologie avec sophroasty pour renforcer la confiance en soi
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