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The benefits of Sophrology


The objectives and benefits of Sophrology practice are multiple. It can help us to live in well-being in our daily lives, find an emotional balance, and reduce psychosomatic problems. It can also help us to free ourselves from an addiction or overcome a depression.

Retrouver le calme avec la sophrologie
Bienfaits sophrologie
Gestion stress emotion

Manage stress and emotion

Stress is an emotional state that causes a person to react aggressively or violently to a situation. It has consequences on the body such as sleep problems, fatigue or nervousness.

The practice of Sophrology will help us to recognise our own state of stress, both physical and mental. We learn to reduce stress and to develop positive feelings. The Sophrological action involves the organic systems (vegetative, limbic brain, neocortex) which regulate the functions of the brain in relation to stress.


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Build self-confidence

Self-confidence improves a person's effectiveness. Sophrology is a method of personal development based on positive views of life.


Sophrology enables you to tune in to yourself and find new energy. A Sophrology session will help you to get to know yourself better and to focus on positive and motivating elements. Thanks to the practice of Sophrology, we can identify our qualities and potential and learn to use them better.

Sophrology for maternity

Improve sleep

A good night's sleep is important for the body. It contributes to good health and energy. Sophrology uses relaxation, contemplation and breathing exercises. They will help to relax the muscles and to evacuate physical and psychic tensions.

Relieve pain 

Some pain is related to stress and anxiety. Sophrology helps to develop the ability to relax and better manage pain.

Sophrology is not in itself a therapy but can have a therapeutic effect depending on circumstances.

Sophrology for tinnitus and hyperacusis

Develop the ability to concentrate

A person's attention and concentration is often distracted by thoughts, worries, emotions, etc. To be able to concentrate, one must ignore all these distractions in order to focus on a task. A good concentration allows us to be more efficient in the carrying out of what we have to do, boosting our memory, being more attentive in class and when revising for students, and in all daily tasks.

 The dynamic relaxation techniques are used to build up one's concentration. With repetition and daily practice, attention span, memory, imagination and creativity will be developed, just as the physical body will be strengthened.

Sophrology for adolescents

Renforcer la confiance en soi
Ameliorer sommeil
Apaiser douleurs sante
Concentration Attention
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