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Benefits of Sophrology

The objectives and benefits of sophrology practice are manifold. It can help one to lead a balanced daily life, to achieve emotional equilibrium, to help reduce psychosomatic symptoms, to liberate oneself from addiction or to get out of a depression.

Self-confidence improves a person's effectiveness. Sophrology is a method of personal development based on a positive outlook on life.


Sophrology makes it possible to listen to oneself and to recharge one's resources. A sophrology session will help to discover oneself better and to be able to focus on positive and stimulating elements. Thanks to the practice of sophrology, a person will sort through his qualities and his capabilities and will learn to use them better.

Sophrology for maternity

femme endormie

Better sleep

A good night's sleep is essential for the body. It contributes to a healthy and energetic body. Sophrology uses the exercises of relaxation, contemplation and breathing. They will make it possible to relax the muscles and to release the physical and psychic tensions.

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Gestion stress emotion
Les bienfaits de la Sophrologie contre le stress

Stress is an emotional state that brings a person to an aggressive or violent point. It can affect one's body, causing sleep problems, fatigue and irritability.


The practice of sophrology can help one to identify one's state of stress, both physical and mental. The person will learn to relax and to develop positive attitudes. The sophrological action includes organic systems (vegetative, limbic brain, neocortex) that regulate the brain functions related to stress.

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Renforcer confiance en soi
Ameliorer sommeil
Apaiser douleurs sante
Concentration Attention

Relieve pain and improve health

Some pain brought on by stress and anxiety. Sophrology helps to develop the ability to relax and better deal with pain.


Sophrology is not in itself a therapy but could have a therapeutic value depending on the circumstances.

Sophrology methods in this domain are conducted by health professionals (doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, dental surgeons...) in order to guarantee a correct diagnosis and adequate therapy. They can be employed alone or as a complement to treatment.

Sophrology for tinnitus and hyperacusis

Santé à tout âge

Improve concentration

A person's attention and concentration are often being distracted by thoughts, worries, emotions, etc. In order to be able to concentrate, it is necessary to set aside all these distractions in order to focus on a task. Good concentration allows the person to be more efficient in doing what they need to do, to boost their memory, to be more attentive in class and during studying for students, as well as in all daily tasks.

Dynamic relaxation techniques are used to train a person to focus on. Through repetition and daily training, the person will improve his or her attention span, memory, imagination and creativity, as well as " strengthen " the body and " muscularise " these qualities.

Sophrology for adolescents

A few articles in French:


Sophrology for burn-out


In high school, it is possible to start the day relaxed. "Our French schoolchildren are amongst the most stressed in the world," says Louis Musso, president of the association for stress-free student success (APRESS), who urges teachers to get back in touch with "those human beings who are students. And after about ten sessions of sophrology, the students begin to notice the benefits. " You can see that people become more calm and peaceful," says one of them.


Promote a nurturing learning environment and student success through the practice of Caycedian Sophrology (2019)

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