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The intervention

Sophrology with the students from Lycée Pierre Termier

March 13 - April 17, 2020

There were 7 students who wished to continue the workshop via Skype during confinement. We met every Friday at a time set the day before depending on the convenience of the group. There were a few times when we had two different schedules due to the group's schedule. The sessions lasted 45 to 60 minutes. Each session was audio recorded so that each student could practice at home. The principle of the workshop: the more you rehearse, the better you will get there.

Here are the participants' feedback on the workshop:


1) Since we started the sophrology workshop, have you observed any positive changes in your daily life?


No: 2

  • I think this is the situation that does not lend itself very well. With confinement, I am at home, with my family, I have time for myself and I take care of myself without any pressure or stress so I would say that I am already in a very positive overall state.

  • During this time of confinement I do not have the opportunity to use all the techniques.


Yes: 5

  • I feel more at ease.

  • I have observed changes since I started sophrology, particularly in my sleep, which is quieter.

  • I was more calm and relaxed in certain situations.

  • Since I started sophrology, and those throughout the sessions, I could see that I took much more pleasure and I felt more sensation than at the beginning. At the end of the sessions I feel more peaceful and more aware of my body and my mind.

  • I really felt more relaxed and serene.



2) Do you think that sophrology helps you in your daily life and will help you in the long term? How? 'Or' What?


Yes: 7

  • This will allow me to be more relaxed and to become aware of the signals that the body is sending us.

  • To feel better, more peaceful, calm and succeed in containing my stress.

  • The relationship with oneself that sophrology offers I like a lot. Taking the time to rest, to devote time only to oneself, with a work of concentration, breathing and relaxation allows me to become fully aware of my well-being and will help me in the most difficult moments.

  • To take distance from events or emotions.

  • When I am going through stressful times it will definitely help me.

  • Physical relaxation and seeing positive images really had a good impact on me. I think that in times of stress all the techniques that we have learned can help me understand an oral, an evaluation. The fact that these methods are based on our memories, our “personalized” feelings is really fascinating.



3) Are you going to continue to apply sophrology methods in your daily life? How? 'Or' What?


Yes: 7

  • I did this recently since I had a videoconference interview a week ago and applied the methods learned which allowed me to reduce my stress.

  • I am thinking of continuing to practice sophrology 2 to 3 times a week.

  • Taking time for relaxation therapy is taking time for me so I think I can do that.

  • I have found that sophrology beyond being able to help me with exams has a beneficial impact to start the day on the right side. I think taking this time for yourself allows you to start the day in a good mood, positive and listening to your body.

  • These courses allowed me to discover a new discipline and I would enjoy using it on a daily basis.

  • I think the best for now and to take little time in my daily life to fully devote time to sophrology and nothing else.



I had a lot of fun working with these students. Sophrology is a discipline that requires patience and time to be understood. At first, the students were quite vague about the purpose of the workshop, but they were interested and eager to learn more. After 3 or 4 sessions, we started to see the real result when they started to take ownership of the principle.

Asty barbarin

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