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Intervention - Pierre Termier High School


October 2, 2020 - May 28, 2021

This year, the sophrology workshop was proposed to the students, 10 sessions for the first and second trimesters and 5 sessions for the third trimester. The overall participation was 83%.

During the second trimester, the sessions took place in person and via video for those who were at home at the same time. We used WhatsApp video.

Each session was audio-recorded so that students could practice at home if they wished.

The reasons why students participate in the sophrology workshop are as follows:
94% - To manage their stress and emotions
34% - To learn a new method, to have heard good things about it, to learn how to meditate, well-being.
34% - Want to learn to relax and calm down

The theme of the workshop was based on the participants' objectives. We worked mainly on :

  • getting to know their body's messages

  • learning to direct their mind towards positive thoughts and feelings

  • learning to use their own capacities.

  • experiencing and understanding the relationship between mind and body

  • learning to be calm and objective

  • a non-judgmental attitude towards themselves and others


Here is the feedback from the participants' survey on the workshop. The rate is from 0 for bad to 10 for excellent.

1) Positive changes in daily life since the beginning of the workshop = 7/10

2) Sophrology helps in daily life and will help in the long term = 7/10

3) Effectiveness of sophrology in relation to needs = 7/10

4) Likelihood of continuing to apply sophrology methods in daily life = 6/10

5) Overall satisfaction with the sophrology workshop = 8/10

6) Relevance of the sophrology workshop at school = 7/10

7) Likelihood of recommending sophrology to a friend or family member = 8/10

8) Likelihood of attending a similar workshop again in the future = 6/10

Here are some comments from participants:

"A very good workshop that helped me a lot personally and that relaxed me a lot from the school atmosphere that we are subjected to all day long".

"I used to have a lot of problems sleeping. Now, before going to bed, I try to do the exercises and I fall asleep much easier.

"I really enjoyed the sophrology sessions because it was one of the few quiet moments in my week. I also realised that sophrology had helped me a lot, with my sleep, my classes, my exams and my usual stress.

"Sophrology helped me a lot in my concentration, my sleep, my self-confidence, and my stress management. The workshop was pleasant, good atmosphere and very useful. I'm thinking of doing sophrology again next year.

"I am less stressed and I can concentrate a little better.

"I can manage my stress a little better.

"I am able to concentrate better during the exams".

"When I am stressed, I can control my breathing better.

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