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La Sophrologie: Services

A training of body and mind to develop serenity and well-being. Its aim is to help reinforce positive attitudes and values on a daily basis.


Sophrology a training?

Sophrology is a personal training which is aimed at anyone wishing to know themselves better and develop a serene and positive conscience. It is aimed at both children and adults.


Each stage of the practice has its own objectives and consists of a series of exercises based on concentration, imagination and contemplation. Some exercises use the five senses to develop contemplative awareness, which leads us to be more aware of the present moment. Other techniques use the imagination to help positively anticipate the future and highlight positive feelings from the past.

Serene awareness

During the sessions, the person will learn to become more aware of himself, to be "subject" to his body and his mind; little by little she will take the reins of her life, moving away from automatisms and conditioning, from the tyranny of materialism and daily urgency.


From a bodily point of view, these exercises awaken feelings of vitality and help release tension. They provide a feeling of serenity, physical and mental well-being which will help to get out of the state of permanent stress.


At the mental level, they activate the concentration, lucidity and creativity of the individual, thus allowing him to escape daily concerns.

The positive effects of sophrology

Regular practice will help channel negative emotions and will take care of arousing positive emotions. This training will gradually tend towards the conquest of a different way of "being in the world", towards a mutation of ordinary consciousness into a harmonious and positive consciousness. An existence full of vitality which will be characterized by a positive attitude of the individual, towards himself and towards the surrounding world.


The regular practice of Sophrology allows everyone to optimize their abilities and efficiency on a daily basis.


The benefits of sophrology

Sophrologie est une méthode de se déstresser sans médicament.
Sophrologie est une méthode prévention.
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