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How can sophrology help me during my pregnancy?

Motherhood is a magical moment, during which women see their bodies transform, emotions are strong, perception is multiplied, many questions are jostling in the heads of future mothers. Sophrology allows you to refocus, to increase self-confidence, in the future, to live fully and serenely motherhood and childbirth.

Why choose sophrology during maternity?

Caycedian sophrology progressively allows the sessions to develop positive capacities, to gain serenity, to get better and better, to project oneself towards the future with confidence.

Sophrology also helps to manage the stress of childbirth which is often a source of fear in the last weeks or the last days of pregnancy, especially for her first child.

Préparation de la maternité avec la sophrologie

How can sophrology improve my pregnancy and childbirth?

During sophrology sessions, several techniques are used to promote the appeasement of emotions, develop positive capacities, visualize moments of appeasement and success.

Each training is different, tailor-made to suit the needs of the mother-to-be, because we are all different.

Some may need to relax during motherhood, others need to learn to manage their stress during childbirth or to be reassured about their ability to be a good mother after birth ...

The state of relaxation and activation of the body and the mind allow us to develop our positive capacities, to prepare us for moments of our lives as intense as giving birth to a little being.

What is my approach as a sophrologist?

I offer sophrology practices that adapt to the needs of future mothers, to help you live your pregnancy with serenity and confidence, and to prepare you to face the unforeseen circumstances of motherhood.

Here are some examples of what I offer:

  • Learn and recognize your stress and be able to release it

  • Prepare for and deal with a possible stressful or painful situation

  • Get better sleep , important for your health

  • Connect positively with your body, your baby and your own resources


The result of these sessions will possibly help you during or after birth:

  • Know how to face your role as mother, wife, wife or partner

  • Have better control over your body and yourself, be better equipped to deal with difficult situations or emotions at the time of, during or after birth

  • A better relationship with your baby


The sooner we start to practice relaxation therapy, the better. The rule of thumb is not to wait too long, like the last week of pregnancy.

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