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"Over the course of the sessions, sophrology enabled me to quickly regain a state of serenity in case of stress. They have greatly strengthened my ability to be positive."

Fabienne (7 group sessions)

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What to expect from a sophrology session?

"The person who practices Sophrology is considered an actor of his or her own treatment.
The sophrologist will help the person to tap into his or her own resources, to discover, integrate and embrace them so that he or she can use them as and when he or she deems necessary."

The first session

A preliminary interview is proposed during the first session to identify your needs and expectations, and to decide the most appropriate approach based on your needs. Once this assessment is done, I explain the basic concepts of Sophrology and practise some simple techniques. These are the exercises of dynamic relaxation which allow you to focus your attention on your body to become aware of your inner world, your feelings, your thoughts, your state of stress, or your emotional state. The first session is especially the occasion of a first approach of sophrology and the establishment of a contact between us. At the end of the session, we will determine together if the implementation of regular sessions are relevant or not, the appropriate rhythm and frequency. The duration of the first session can exceed 60 min.

How does a sophrology session go?

All sessions begin with a short interview that allows me to determine your mental and physical state and to adapt the exercises depending on your feedback. The exercises may be done standing or sitting. It is preferable to wear comfortable and light clothing in which you feel comfortable. There is no physical contact. I will guide you only by my voice.


At the end of each session, a written account (phenodescriptions) of your feelings or experiences during the practice (or a drawing) will be asked at the end of each session. These phenodescriptions are personal and confidential. They are like snapshots of your inner world. The session ends with an exchange between us which enables me to offer you extra directions, or to adapt a new technique according to your specific needs. The duration of a session can vary from 45 to 60 minutes.


Regular training on a daily basis between sessions is recommended. To assist your practice, you may record the sessions if you prefer.

One-on-one sessions

During one-to-one sessions, I will guide you and tailor-made techniques to help you reach your objectives (stress, exams, difficult situations, confidence, burn-out, etc.). I will help you to learn to relax your body and then your mind, to reconnect with your resources and to move forward.

Groupe sessions

Group sessions take a more general approach. In my office, I can accommodate up to 5 people. Participants are asked to respect the confidentiality of the exchanges. Exchanges take place in an open attitude of listening, respect and benevolence.

Group sessions in corporates, schools, universities, associations, etc.

I work with companies, educational institutions, schools and associations. Some examples of workshop themes are:

  • Stress management

  • Self-confidence

  • Attention and concentration

  • Preparation for exams


Sessions may be conducted in the following ways:

  • group classes or short sessions of 30 minutes to 1 hour, once a week or fortnightly

  • one-day or multi-day courses or workshops

Sessions can be held in French or English as per your preference.

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